Product Synchronization

Intrakr allows you to import and export products from/to any service your account is linked to, including Square, Shopify, and Infusionsoft.

Product Import

Importing products from a service pulls all products from the remote service, creates new ones in Intrakr, and updates previously linked products in Intrakr. Products that have been removed from the remote service will be removed from Intrakr.

Product Export

Exporting products from Intrakr into a remote service creates new ones from Intrakr into the service and updates previously linked products in the remote service. Product export never deletes any products from the remote service. Why? Just because you no longer want to track an item in Intrakr doesn't mean you don't want it available for sale in your store, so we keep it there and leave the decision up to you.

Product Synchronization for Specific Services




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