Syncronizing Products

Listings created in Etsy may be imported at any time into Intrakr.


Product Variations

Etsy's Listing Variations will be translated to Intrakr variations when they're synchronized and vice versa.


What will happen when I import products?

When you choose to import products from Etsy to Intrakr, the following will occur:

  • Any new listings in Etsy will be added to Intrakr
  • Any listings that were previously imported will be updated if changes occurred in Etsy
  • Any listings that were previously imported that NO LONGER EXIST in Etsy will be deleted from Intrakr


How to importproducts

  1. Navigate to Account Settings on the left navigation

  2. Choose Integrations > Etsy.
  3. Under the Product Sync heading, click Import.
  4. Depending on how many products need to be synced, this process may take a few minutes. 
  5. When the process is complete, a notification will be shown buttons will re-appear.
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