Assembly Kits

An assembly kit allows you to link parts/components/other products into a parent product. All products have the ability to become assembly kits just by having products added to it. Modifications to the assembly kit affect its parts to make managing linked inventory easier. Intrakr offers two types of assembly kits, described below.

Adding Parts to a Kit

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Standard Assembly Kits

A standard assembly kit maintains its own inventory separate from its parts. This type of kit is designed for final sellable goods that have to be manufactured. For example, a constructed product whose parts are screws, brackets. etc. This type of kit is the default for any newly created products.

The quantity for this kit indicates how many constructed, sellable goods are available.

Building Kits

To build a kit, access the Build tab for the kit. You will see the number kits that can be built based on part availability in the Potential column. To build kits, enter a quantity to the right and click Build. The quantity entered will be added to the kit and its parts will be deducted accordingly.

Shopping Lists

The Shopping List feature allows you to see how many parts are needed in order to build X number of kits. Choose Shopping List next to the variation you wish to build. In the pop up, enter the quantity you wish to build and click Go. You will then be shown a list of all parts that make up the kit and how many are needed of each to build the specified quantity.


Passthrough Assembly Kits

A Passthrough Assembly Kit is one where the quantity of the kit is directly dependent on the availability of its parts. The kit's quantity will always be the build potential (the number of "kits" that can exist based on part availability). The quantity for this type of kit can not be explicitly increased - it can only be incremented by adding more parts. Decreasing the quantity of this kit, however, will immediately remove the appropriate number of parts.

This type of kit is great for products or services that have a direct impact on other items you are tracking. For example, a class that requires supplies. The sale of a class (set up as a Passthrough Kit) could immediately deduct the supplies necessary for the student to take that class.

Note: Passthrough assembly kits should not be chained together, i.e., a Passthrough Kit should not include another Passthrough Kit as a part. The quantities will not be aggregated as expected in this case.

Create a Passthrough Kit

To create a Passthrough Kit, simply create a new product as an Assembly Kit. Once created, click the Settings icon next to the kit:

Under the General tab, check Passthrough Kit and click Save.

You will notice, when viewing into the kit's quantities, that the Build tab no longer exists. This is because these kits do not maintain their own quantities and can not be "built".

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