Generate Barcodes for Products

Although barcodes can not currently be generated within Intrakr, it's easy to create them yourself using MS Excel or MS Word.

Download Barcode Font

You can install a font on your computer, like any other font, that will render characters as a barcode that a reader will understand. We recommend this TrueType Font, which will generate Code39 1D type barcodes, which any basic reader should be able to pick up.


Install Font

Fontspring does a good job describing how to install fonts on Mac and Windows.




Create Barcode Column in Spreadsheet

Create a new MS Excel spreadsheet with your product SKU/UPC in a single column. Then, create a new column with the following formula: ="*"&A1&CHAR(10)&"*"

Be sure to replace A1 with the cell that contains your product SKU. Copy and paste that new cell into all rows that contain a product.

Highlight all new barcode cells and change the font to the Code39 barcode font you previously installed. In the font list, it will likely look just like a barcode. You'll probably want to also increase the font size to about 72.


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