Enable/Disable Products Based of Stock Level

When selling products through your website, you may not want products to show to the customer unless you actually have them in stock. Unfortunately, Infusionsoft doesn't currently have a way to automatically disable products, meaning someone would manually have to monitor stock levels and disable a product when it goes out.

With Intrakr, you can choose to have products automatically disabled and removed from your e-commerce store when they go out of stock. As soon as that product is available again, it will be re-enabled.

Products with Variations

Product enable/disable is done at the product level, not the variation level. So, if variations are configured for a product, the product will only be disabled when all variations have gone out of stock. Similarly, when a single variation is back in stock, the product will be re-enabled (with all variations showing). 

Enable Option in Intrakr

Access the Infusionsoft settings through Account Settings > Integrations > Infusionsoft. If not checked already, check the box next to Sync Product Status to enable this feature.

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