Push Product Quantities

If you still wish to have an inventory count kept in Infusionsoft, you have the option of having Intrakr keep your Infusionsoft products' quantities in sync. Any change made on products in Intrakr will be duplicated in Infusionsoft. The opposite does not apply however; manual changes made to a product's quantity in Infusionsoft will not be made in Intrakr unless those changes were the result of an order.

Enable Inventory in Infusionsoft

  1. Go to E-commerce > Settings in the master navigation.
  2. Click on Product in the settings menu.

  3. Set Track Inventory to Yes.
  4. Save settings.

Enable Quantity Sync in Intrakr

  1. Go to Account Settings > Integrations > Infusionsoft within Intrakr.
  2. If not already done, check the box next to 
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