Getting Started

This guide will walk you through how to link your Intrakr account with Square and set up continuous synchronization between the two services.


Register for Intrakr Account

Click here to register for an Intrakr account. Signing up is free. Once signed up, you will be prompted to select a payment plan.


Select Plan

If no plan is active within Intrakr, you will be shown the billing page, prompting you to select a payment plan. Currently, there are two plans between $19.99-34.99/mo. Click the Sign Up button to be taken to a secure page on Square's website. There, you will be prompted to enter your payment information and acknowledge your billing amount.

All billing is handled by Square.

Once complete, you will be taken back to Intrakr where you may import your products.


Import Square Products

Once your account is linked, you may import all products from Square into Intrakr.

Click to here to read about product importing


Set Product Quantities

When your products are imported for the first time, only products/options that have inventory tracked in Square will have quantities in Intrakr. At this point, you may manually set quantities for options not tracked in Square.

To set the quantities for your products' variations, simply click on the product, enter the quantity value under the Quantities tab, and click Save.


Quantity Syncing

Once your account is linked, inventory quantities from Square will be synced into Intrakr automatically a few times an hour. When quantities are updated in Intrakr, they will be immediately reflected in Square.

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