Scanning Product Barcodes

Intrakr allows you to easily scan a product's barcode in order to bring it up in the system. From there, you can alter quantities and/or build kits. Scanning can occur from anywhere within the application and doesn't require any additional software.


Setting up your scanner

Click here to learn how to program your external barcode scanner.


Enter barcodes for products

To enter the barcode associated with a product, click the edit button () next to the product from the product list. Navigate to the Barcodes tab and enter the SKU, UPC, and/or EAN number for each product variation.

Once set, you will be able to scan the product's barcode and have it show up under the scanned tab in Intrakr.



Hover over the product in the scanned list to alter its quantity or build it (if it's a kit).


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    Can PO's be scanned?

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    Intrakr Support

    Yup! Each PO is created with a custom barcode that can be scanned when you receive it back.

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    I've followed the directions you have to set up the Socket scanner with our Ipad and successfully paired it. When I scan any of my products nothing happens on Intrakr. If I put the courser in the search menu and then scan a product the barcode comes up but has a # after it. Am I doing something wrong?

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