Low/Out of Stock Notifications

When a product's quantity becomes low or goes out of stock, Intrakr will alert you from within the application, but can also show a desktop notification and send you an email once configured. True real-time alerts allow you to take action in real-time. The less time wasted between a product becoming low and you finding out means a better experience for your end customers.



Viewing Notifications

When a notification occurs, you will be alerted via a subtle message popup within Intrakr. If you happen to miss this alert, a counter of unread notifications will be increased at the top of the screen. Simple click on this icon to see a list of all notifications that have occurred within the past 24 hours.

Clicking on a row will open the product the notification is referring to.


Desktop Notifications

A desktop notification is one that you must explicitly grant permissions for. Once done, Intrakr can show you alerts on your desktop, even when the app's tab is hidden in your browser. Note, however, that the tab must be open somewhere.

Desktop notifications are available for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Apple Safari. They are not compatible with Microsoft Windows.

To enable desktop notifications, navigate to Account Settings > Notifications. Click Enable next to Desktop Notifications.


When you do, your browser will prompt you to approve notifications from Intrakr. It will look something like this:


Simply click Allow or Confirm to give Intrakr permission:


Disable Desktop Notifications

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3220216?hl=en



Email Notifications

To enable email notifications, navigate to Account Settings > Notifications. You will see a section for emails. Next to each notification type, enter a comma-separated list of email addresses you would like an email sent to when the event occurs.


Click Save when complete. To disable email notifications, simply remove all email address from both text fields and click Save.



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