How it Works

Tracking Links

After logging into our partner portal, you will have access to various graphic and text ads that you can use to create links to different landing pages on our website. You may then embed this link or HTML to your website, email, etc. When a user clicks on this link, they will be taken to a page on related to the ad that drove them there.


When a user arrives on our website, a cookie will be created on their browser that will identify you as the lead source. This cookie persists for 60 days, meaning the lead has 60 days to sign up for the free trial in order for you to receive credit for any future sale by that customer.


We will often provide you with special promotions you can offer to your audience. This will traditionally come in the form of a coupon code with or without an expiration.

Marketing Materials

Outside of graphic and text content, we provide marketing materials in this help center to help you better market to your audience to sell our services.

Unlimited Payouts

There is no limit to the amount that can be earned with our affiliate partner program. Also, the commission percentage doesn't change at all. You receive the same rate for 1 converting referral as you do for 1000!

Read more about our commissions

Video Tutorials

View our YouTube series for affiliate partners.

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