Graphic Ads

Through the affiliate partner resource center, we have provided you with various types of graphic ads you can embed on your site, in emails, etc. Below is an overview of the types of ads you can generate. Keep in mind that members of your audience may overlap a few of these categories.

Ad Sizes

Our graphic ads come in three sizes:

Top Banner

This size (728x90px) is intended for use on the top of your website.

Side Banner

The size banner (160x600px) is a taller ad that should be used in the sidebar on your website.


The standard-sized ad (300x250px) is great for use within the body of a page, in an email, or elsehwere.



The generic ads are inteded to be geared toward any type of business, retail, e-commerce, warehouse, and food & beverage. The messages will hit a pain point shared by all of these industries, such as simplicity or cost.


Some ads are to be used when targetting retail businesses. These may address common problems such as empty shelves or customer-facing issues.


The e-commerce ads address issues that businesses with an online presence may face.


Since small businesses often become overwhelmed with holiday rushes, we have created ads to speak to the pain they may face during this time.

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