Major Benefits

All features may be found here, but this article will outline the major talking points of Intrakr.

Universal/Mobile Accessibility

Our customers' inventory may be accessed from anywhere, on any device with a modern browser, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, Intrakr is available as a native app on iPhone devices (click here for more information).

Simple & Design-Focused

Our user interface was designed with usability in customer experience in mind. All features are designed to be easy to use by anyone without prior inventory management experience. Customer feedback is always acknowledged and used to improve the product.

Affordable and No-nonsense Pricing

Our pricing is very affordable and simple, with no gimmicks or mandatory contracts. Pricing information may be found here.


Integrations with Square, Infusionsoft, and Shopify, allow customers to keep inventory in sync wherever they're selling.

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