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Monthly Subscriptions

If one of your leads signs up for a monthly subscription, you will receive 25% of revenue received for the first 12 months OR until the account is canceled (whichever is shorter).

Let's say a user signs up for a standard plan and chooses to pay monthly ($50/mo). Starting 30 days after their sign-up date, we'll send you $12.50 a month for the first 12 months of the customer's account (or until they cancel). By the end of the first year, you will have received $150.

Monthly Subscription Changes

If a customer changes his/her monthly subscription, you will continue to receive 25% of the revenue we get from the customer. For example, if they originally sign up for a $50/mo plan then switch to the $100/mo plan in month 2, you will receive $12.50 for month 1 and $25.00 for month 2 and each month thereafter.


A clawback occurs when a customer requests a refund for a period they previously paid for. Since commission payouts are made 30 days after we receive the customer's payment, it is unlikely (although not impossible) there will ever be a clawback for monthly payouts.


Since commissions are based off of revenue received, so are your commission payouts. For example, if a customer purchases a subscription for $50/mo with a 10% off coupon, you will receive $11.25 for the first 12 months instead of the regular $12.50.

Earning Limits

There are none!

Viewing Commissions


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