Authorize Infusionsoft Account

Intrakr Check-in provides a front-end to API goals that are set up in your Infusionsoft account in order to keep track of students, event attendees, or any other contact you would like to act upon. In order for our application to communicate with your Infusionsoft account, you must securely link them together.

Once logged into your Intrakr Check-in account, click the cog icon in the top-left of the screen. You will be prompted for your password. Enter it and click Verify to enter the settings area.


Link Infusionsoft Account

At the bottom of the screen, click Connect in the Infusionsoft section.



You will be taken to a secure Infusionsoft login page (if you are already logged into your account, you will skip the login). Enter your Infusionsoft credentials and click Sign In. This log in process is completely secure. We never see your username or password.


Infusionsoft will next tell you that Intrakr Check-in is trying to access your account. Select the Infusionsoft account you would like to link the application to and click Allow.



You will then be taken back to Intrakr Check-in and will be able to continue modifying your settings. You will never have to go through this process again.


Disconnect from Infusionsoft Account

Simply click the Disconnect button under the Infusionsoft section of your settings to safely and securely unlink your account from Infusionsoft.

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