Configure your account

Once you're logged into your account, you'll see a cog icon in the top-left portion of the screen. To enter the settings area, click this icon, enter your password, and click Verify.


For any change to apply, including password changes, be sure to click the 'Save All' button at the top of the screen.



Enter the name for your account.



Read Creating and Managing Events.



Barcode Regex

We recommend the content of your barcode be the Infusionsoft Contact ID, followed by an ENTER, with no additional characters before or after. If you have a custom barcode format, however, enter a regular expression in this field that will parse out the barcode content. Note that the barcode still MUST end with an ENTER.

For example, if your barcode reads: *1234*ENTER

The regular expression (to capture "1234") would be: ^\*([a-z0-9]*)\*$


Barcode Data

If you wish to look up contacts by their contact ID and your barcodes contain this value, select Barcode is Contact ID.

If you wish to look up contacts using a value in a custom field, select Barcode is from a Custom Field. At this point, the application will load a list of all custom fields in your Infusionsoft account. Select the field that will be used to look up contacts when a value is entered or a barcode is scanned.



To change your password, enter the new password and confirm it.

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