Create Barcodes for Infusionsoft Contacts

This example will walk you through how to create a MS Excel file with a barcode next to each contact in your Infusionsoft account.


Install Barcode Font

This example requires that you have a Code39 barcode font installed on your computer. See this article for directions.


Export Infusionsoft Contacts

From the main Infusionsoft navigation, choose Contacts > View Contacts


Choose Actions > Export


When exporting fields, you only need to choose Id and Name.


Choose CSV as the export type and export your contacts.

Open CSV in Excel

MS Excel should open up the CSV no problem. Once open, Choose File > Save As and save as a MS Excel file (.xlsx).


Create Barcode Column in Spreadsheet

Create a new column in the spreadsheet with the following formula: ="*"&A2&CHAR(10)&"*"

This assumes that the Contact ID from Infusionsoft lives in the A column. Copy and paste that new cell into all rows that contain a contact.

Highlight all new barcode cells and change the font to the Code39 barcode font you previously installed. In the font list, it will likely look just like a barcode. You'll probably want to also increase the font size to about 72.



Once complete, your spreadsheet should look something like this.


Sample Excel File

Click here to download a complete, sample Excel file that should match what your own Infusionsoft export will look like.

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