Create a shopping list of parts needed to build assembly kits

With Intrakr, you can see how many parts you will need in order to build a specified number of assembly kits.

Choose product

From the product list, click the assembly kit you would like a shopping list for.

Find Variation

From within the Build tab for the assembly kit, find the variation row you want a report for and click Shopping List at the end of the row.

Enter How Many Units To Build
In the shopping list dialog, you will see the product name and variation we will be building a list for. On the right of the dialog, enter the number of units you wish to build and click Go.

Analyze List
The dialog will expand to show a list of all parts needed to build the specified number of units. The number needed is how many part units are needed to make that many assembly kits, not counting the quantity reserved. The reserved quantity is how many units are reserved by other sales orders in the system. To get a true number needed, you may want to add the reserved quantity from the number needed to ensure you have enough to satisfy any reserved orders.

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