Setting up a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Intrakr is currently compatible with the following barcode scanner:

Program your new scanner

In order to use your scanner with Intrakr, you must program it to transmit data in the format we expect. Before pairing your scanner to your computer, scan the barcode below:

Pair scanner to your computer

Once programmed, you must pair your scanner to your computer/device.

1. Scan the following code:

2. Enable Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth and go into Bluetooth settings on your computer or device.

3. Select device

Your computer or device should go through a discover process, after which it will list Socket CHS. Select this item and pair it. If prompted, enter the key 0000 (four zeros). If prompted to selected services, select Input Device.

Once paired, the scanner will beep once.

Use with Intrakr

Once your scanner is programmed and paired, open Intrakr in a browser tab and scan any item to get started. If the scanner works properly, it will beep/vibrate and a dialog will be displayed in Intrakr.

Factory Reset

If, for any reason, you must reset your scanner to its factory default settings, unpair it from your computer/device and scan the following code. Your scanner will power down after scanning this code.

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